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Instant Roulette Live

Instant roulette Gameplay

Avid players of the standard European wheel roulette will love this one. Instant Roulette Live developed by Evolution Gaming has been dubbed as the fastest roulette game ever.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Instant Roulette Live Game Overview

Like a standard roulette you’d find in an online casino, it is playable on a European wheel which means there are 37 pickets available.

Instant roulette is a live variant roulette that spins 24/7; it is multi-wheeled and super-fast. It’s fast becoming a favourite amongst casino game lovers because of its originality and tempo. The game offers an RTP of 97.30% and features 12 active wheels.

An exciting feature that comes with the game is the unlimited betting time and the “Rebet” option. You can read more about this game below or play slot games online on King Casino.

How to Play Instant Roulette Live

The Auto roulette with its 12 wheels comes four columns of the wheels in three rows. Its design is simple and aesthetic. The wheels never stop spinning, and you’ll be assigned a vacant one as soon as possible. When you hit the “Play Now” button that appears on the screen, you’ll be granted a wheel marked with its respective number.

Instant Roulette Live’s gameplay is entirely random, and the outcome cannot be determined beforehand. You’d place your bet and then click play now, where you’d be assigned a wheel. The betting range is from £0.20 on a minimum to a maximum of £1,000. So, regardless of your budget, you have a spot.

When playing instant roulette, the standard European roulette rules apply to it, and it has a single zero. Asides from the regular bet, it also offers “side bets” you can play; in essence, you can play French bets and neighbour bets. On the screen, you’d find buttons to adjust how many numbers a neighbour bet covers.

The pay outs remain unchanged as in standard European wheel, on the dice landing on the following, so will you be paid. On straight bets (single number), you get 35:1, on splits — 17:1, on-street bets – 11:1, corner bets – 8:1, and on Line Bets – 5:1.

On instant roulette, you can save your favourite bets. You can save wagers that you link and when you want to play, draw them out from the favourites bet menu. There are also few bets already saved, including Finale En Plain, Finales A Cheval, and complete stakes.

It should be noted that Instant Roulette Live does not have a dealer to manage the game. Players are given free will to manage the game as they wish, and everything works mechanically.

Bonuses In Instant Roulette Live

There might not be features like bonus spins and multipliers like you’d find in online slots, but Evolution Gaming did well to include some unique features. Features to help aid gameplay include:

  • Unlimited Time Betting: This means the player has unlimited time to decide how much and what numbers to bet on as the wheels will continue spinning. You can decide to leave if you can’t come to a decision and rejoin at any time.
  • Rebet Function: This is a unique feature that allows players to go to the next round in a matter of seconds. The same bet as the last round will apply to the next round with this function.

Take advantage of these features now to get the most out of the Instant Roulette Live casino game here at King Casino.

Casino Game Statistics

It might be worth having a closer look at the statistics for the Instant Roulette Live casino game to get a better understanding of it before playing, so lets have a closer look at some numbers and relevant information:

Min Bet per spin£0.20
Max Bet per spin£1,000
DeveloperEvolution Gaming
Gameplay12 Wheels, 37 Pickets
Bonus FeaturesUnlimited Time Betting, Rebet Function

Evolution Gaming Casino Games to Play

Instant Roulette Live was developed by Evolution Gaming, a leader in the world of online casinos. With over a decade in business, they’ve focused their energy on developing high-quality live casino games for predominantly online casino UK.

They’ve received prestigious awards for their outstanding works in online gaming and have managed to make an unwavering name for themselves.

Evolution Gaming has a fascinating portfolio of live card and roulette games, including roulette itself, blackjack, and baccarat, amongst many others. Their live games can be enjoyed on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones via browser or native app. Some of their top live games include:

Enjoy these live casino games and more from this developer right here on King Casino.

Last Thoughts on Instant Roulette Live

Instant Roulette Live is a refresh from online slots. For those that want to try their hand at super-fast roulette, this is the game for them.

The time between rounds is less than 20 seconds, and that will definitely keep the excitement factor as well as the entertainment factor up. You can play Instant Roulette Live today at King Casino, and sign up for our amazing welcome offer!

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.