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A game of risk taking for fun, European Roulette NetEnt has been around since the 18th century, but the aim of the game has been the same since its inception, even if you now play online.

An essential in all of the best casino houses, for those who know how to play European Roulette NetEnt you will already know how much fun it can be.

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How to Play European Roulette NetEnt Online

European Roulette is favoured around the world, and the reason why is ultimately because it is one of the most fun games out there to play and win from. This game is not one for those with a faint heart though. It is a game which is governed by lady luck and your chances.

There are multiple variations of Roulette, but what makes European Roulette truly stand out against the rest is how the rules differ in comparison. One of those rules for example, is one where the player can lose half of the bet if they are unlucky and that roulette ball hits nil outside. It is known as ‘la partage’.

Then there is another rule known as ‘en prison’, and this occurs when a player hits zero. When that happens, their bet is held, but the player can get it back as long as they hit the same number with their next spin on the roulette table.

These rules are a big reason as to why this version of Roulette is really based on chance more so than some other variations out there. What is more, another great advantage to playing European Roulette is that whether you play online or in house, you can expect the same fun experience either way.

And it really does not matter how you choose to play European Roulette NetEnt. If you go to an online casino or to a real bricks and mortar one, the way to play stays the same. When you learn to play european roulette, a dealer spins the wheel and this sets the ball off into the opposite direction.

The elegant sphere of the European Roulette NetEnt wheel then becomes a blur of red, green and blue, and the real excitement sets in just before you find out if you have won or lost. The centre of the wheel is silver and the numbers alongside are white which helps you see clearly where your ball has landed.

NetEnt – the Developer of European Roulette

For the past 20 years, NetEnt have got casino on line down to a T, and this has not been an achievement made by accident. This is a gaming company with a tag line which says, “Digital entertainment is what we do”, and as such, NetEnt have been leading the way for all of the digital players and casinos online since becoming established 20 years ago.

According to the website of NetEnt, they aim to be “a leading provider of premium gaming solutions to the world’s most successful online casino operators”, and they state that they have driven the market with fantastic gaming options, and these are all powered by their own platform. The NetEnt developers aim to deliver “flexible digital casino solutions” for all types of gamers to enjoy with their online casino games time after time.

And that is not al, that they have to offer. A great feat, in 2018, NetEnt handled over 44.7 billion gaming transactions and they currently have 200 online casino games to play. NetEnt places a lot of value on cultural diversity within the company workplace, according to their website.

They have global offices in locations like Malta, Sweden, Gibraltar, Poland, Ukraine, the UK and the USA, and the NetEnt company is regulated by gaming authority bodies in all of them. NetEnt recently bought out the gaming software company Red Tiger for 22 million pounds, and as such, NetEnt continuously to go from strength to strength. With European Roulette, NetEnt have been able to prove their ability to turn a traditional casino game into a riveting one whilst also keeping things traditional and with brilliant online gameplay.

Other games by NetEnt

NetEnt have designed, developed and delivered a wide range of successful online gaming options for casinos, among which include some of the best online slots titles such as:

European Roulette NetEnt and the game’s bonus features

One of the most famous games in the world, Roulette is available as Russian Roulette and American Roulette among all of the others out there to play across the world. With European Roulette NetEnt however, it has got the best of both worlds for those who play with that version, and that is why it remains one of the most popular variants out there today.

European Roulette NetEnt is considered to be the best of the variations available because there is an equal amount of all the components which make gaming so much fun.

What are these components though? Like most games, it is risk, luck, the fun itself and of course chance which is attached to playing the game, but you can be certain that as long as a game has got all of these ingredients it is bound to be a good one.

When you go to play European Roulette NetEnt, the best way to experience the game play is with an online casino. These have 37 slots and one nil and they also include inside or outside bets.

It is easy to understand how to play with the board which comes with a hot and cold numbers chart to assist players strategising to win, and it shows how many times a particular number has been spun. Roulette by NetEnt has nailed the gameplay of roulette, unlike most of the other versions of the game you can play.

This is an important element of European Roulette NetEnt, particularly in the world of online gaming, sometimes overran with themes which can take over from the actual fun of the game.

When playing European Roulette NetEnt, another appeal to the game is the no particular skill is required which is just another reason to give it a go. However, if this game does not excite you, check out Gold Rush slot instead!

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.